Video course “The sound of Sanskrit”

What a video course.

Mini-video course. A series of video tutorials that allows you to learn how to pronounce and hear mantras and Sanskrit texts by ear.

What is included in the video course.

     1. Vowels;
     2. Consonant sounds;
     3. Native and mysterious sounds;
     4. Transliteration system;
     5. What you need to know for the correct pronunciation;
     6. Hearing skills.

What will you learn from it:

  • classification of Sanskrit sounds;
  • pronunciation rules for all sounds;
  • application of a transliteration system;
  • perceive Sanskrit by ear.

This will allow you to:

  • pronounce mantras correctly;
  • recognize texts of mantras by ear;
  • to perceive and read in scientific transliteration any Sanskrit work: Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Tantras, etc .

This course is needed by people who:

  • Are interested in one of the religious systems of India and would like to touch the primary sources on their own;
  • engage in and teach yoga in order to better understand the mantras, names of asanas and the basics of yoga, written in Sanskrit;
  • want to understand the true place of Sanskrit in connection with Slavic and other European languages;
  • already started to learn Sanskrit, but partially forgot its sound;
  • love India and want to understand it more deeply;
  • looking for an interesting hobby.

The course consists of six video lessons:

  • Vowels;
  • Consonant sounds;
  • Native and mysterious sounds;
  • Transliteration system;
  • What you need to know for the correct pronunciation;
  • Listening skills.