Video course “Learning the Rig Veda, writing and the basics of grammar”

What a video course.

Video course on the study of Sanskrit.

The ancient sacred Vedas attract you, but you really do not know anything about them?
Are you tired of the wording “Vedas speak” without specifying specific references to the source?
There are doubts that the Vedic lecturers are not completely honest?
You read a scientific translation, but it didn’t reveal anything to you?
And the task of taking the source in your hands and sorting it out scares yourself and it seems insanely complicated?

Maybe leave it as it is?

After all, you can continue to be cut off from understanding the ancient world of the Aryans.
Believe in the Slavic-Aryan Vedas.
Believe the word and be deceived by those who manipulate the sacredness of everything that is connected with the Vedas.
And do not penetrate the worldview of the Aryans, which is so close to the worldview of the ancestors of the Slavs and other Indo-Europeans.
To consider that the scientific translation was made by scammers or some insanely brilliant people who are very different from us.

But you can read the Vedas yourself in the original!

The Vedas are sacred sacred texts of the ancient Aryans. They, indeed, are complex and very peculiar. But scientists have been actively engaged in their translation and interpretation for 200 years, using data from genetics, archeology, the Indian tradition, knowledge of ancient Iranian languages, ancient Greek, Latin, Baltic, Slavic and other Indo-European languages. Huge work done! And now even first-year students of universities around the world are already studying and reading the Vedas in the original.

How does this work out?

In order to learn how to read the Vedas in the original, it is necessary to master the written language, the basics of grammar and arm with the tools that scientists have already prepared for us for 200 years of studying the Vedas.