Video course “Arabic for beginners in video format”

Intensive Arabic course is a detailed and consistent study of each topic in a simple language. In this video course and tutorial for it, the lessons are located with strict adherence to the principle “from simple to complex.” For a better understanding of grammar rules in the lessons there are many illustrations, diagrams and tables.

The purpose of the course is to help from scratch to master the grammar of the Arabic language at a practical level and develop a vocabulary of more than 1,500 words.

The key to the effectiveness of the course is a lot of unique graphic materials and a clear consistent explanation of the topics studied.

The format of video lessons in training makes it possible to study even complex topics as simply and clearly as possible.

1. Watch a video tutorial

Some of the lessons are aimed at studying new topics in grammar, another part of the lessons has a practical focus – analysis of texts and dialogs to replenish your vocabulary and to develop speech skills.

2. Solution of the electronic test to the lesson

After watching the video tutorial, the easiest and fastest way to test yourself on an understanding of the topic studied is to take an electronic online test, you can see the scores and assessment immediately after passing the test.

3. Written assignment

If the online test succeeds, you can begin to complete the written assignment. The video tutorial application contains visual materials (tables and diagrams) and practical written assignments.

4. Verification of the task by the answers in the textbook

After completing a written assignment, you can verify your result with the answers in the textbook, and, if necessary, correct the errors. If you have unresolved questions, you can contact the teacher for support.