Video course “The sound of Sanskrit”



How to learn to pronounce mantras and texts in Sanskrit?
  • Do you practice yoga, study the Vedic culture, are you interested in the kinship of the Russian language and Sanskrit?
  • You tried to study Sanskrit on your own from textbooks, but it turned out to be difficult for you to remember all the signs of the Devanagari script and the rules for writing ligatures?
  • You don’t understand how the written words sound?
  • You watched Sanskrit video tutorials on youtube, but they turned out to be difficult and incomprehensible?
  • Do you read Sanskrit mantras, but are not sure of the correct pronunciation?
  • Do you already know how to read and pronounce Sanskrit sounds correctly and want to deepen your knowledge?
Would you like to learn how to pronounce Sanskrit sounds
in just a few hours?
If your answer is “Yes!”, Then the Sanskrit Sound mini-course is for you!


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